Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches are the pesky pests that are seen to infest our homes in large numbers. They usually settle in the dark corners of our households and step outside after dark. Cockroaches can be seen in large numbers in and around the kitchen and pantry and there is the risk of several harmful diseases spreading as a result of contact with the cockroaches. When their presence is noted, there is the need to go for swift removal of the pests in order to get rid of the cockroaches at the earliest.

Major signs of a cockroach infestation

There are several signs that point to the presence of cockroaches inside our home. Some of these include:

  • An unpleasant smell in the the house is common

  • There are brown and black droppings left behind

  • Egg casings found in the house

  • Dead roaches seen from time to time

Our pest control treatment

Our team at Brampton Extermination is a specialized pest control and extermination service provider. We have the best techniques in place, which allows us to provide the best services to our clients. The team of exterminators at our organization are licensed and insured and we adopt methodologies that are top-notch providing guaranteed results. We serve the regions of Brampton, Ontario and ensure to provide services that are highly superior.